Scale up your

video software

development team!

What we do

Video Software integrations

Custom developments for projects ‘around the edges’. We build that specific piece of software to close that particular deal. We share the sense of urgency and collaborate in real time. Our architects are video experts, so they get a running start to get the job done, prioritizing time to market.

Dedicated video-dev Teams

Scale up your engineering team swiftly with a dedicated software video development team. Achieving high performance requires a closely knit team of talented people, trained, motivated and ready to tackle any challenge. Keep focus on your product while we provide a high-performance multidisciplinary scrum team.

Video Innovation Lab

Boost your project with a team of experts with the Startup mindset. Keep focus on Marketing and Sales while we build your video MVP and help you validate your product, shortening time to market.

Why qualabs


We have more than 4 hours of overlap and cultural affinity with the US and Europe. That enables real-time collaboration and same-day delivery. It makes the agenda easier to manage and the relationship long-lasting.


Our teams adapt to our client’s systems and processes. This reduces friction and gives the customer control over their code and confidential information, protecting intellectual property.


Our team has been designing, developing and deploying, as well as using and managing video distribution solutions for more than 10 years. This gives us insight on customers’ needs and expectations.


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Scale up your
video software
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